Limbo – Occam’s Razor

Single cover for Occam's Razor by the Swedish Djent Band Limbo from Gothenburg
Release Date: 2018-04-21
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The first single and fifth track on the self-titled debut album by Swedish progressive metal-quintet Limbo.


“Leaving a world of eternal unknowing and entering one of alleged all-knowing
The atmosphere is tense and taunting
With eyes everywhere always watching
Do not stray too far from the norm
In this world of the most despicable form

A world built on greed and intuition
On a steady course towards oblivion

Believing our minds are satisfied
That the purpose of our lives has reached its high
Relying blindly on a deity, whose words we dare not defy
Through his scriptures we find our laws that we generously apply
And must we never ask the forbidden question; why?

Cutting away our reasoning, deemed as corrupted flesh
Voluntarily lacking the ability to progress
Without questioning, submitting ourselves to a world of regress

Do not stray too far from the norm
In this world of the most despicable form

I am the culprit for this human condition
Through my careless decisions
Vainly trying to convince beings of inactivity
To explore what could lie beyond our vicinity
But I am outnumbered, despite my attempts
As species, I refuse to be recognised as insignificant”


Many thanks to Arnold Lindberg at Nobel Street Studios for the mixing, mastering and drum recording as well to Daniel Eek for doing the artwork.